How much website traffic can be handled on a free hosting plan without issues

There are a number of factors on which a free hosting plan can handle. It all depends on the following circumstances:

  • Dependant on the number of entry processes that your website occupies for a given number of active users.
  • Dependant on your website itself. How much your site consumes resources per user.
  • Dependant on the services you use which may or may not affect your resource consumption.
  • Dependant on the free hosting plan and how much resources are allocated to different categories of shared plans.

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hostingBy looking at the following different scenarios, we can also see how much a free hosting plan can handle:

  • Free shared hosting is ideal for websites with a concurrent traffic of 100-200 (or 10,000 daily visitors)
  • VPS hosting is preferred for websites with a concurrent traffic of 200-1000 (or 100,000 daily visitors)
  • Dedicated servers are advised for websites with more than the above-specified limit of traffic.Take note that plans for dedicated servers will depend on usage requirement.

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