What makes a web design company the right one for you?

There are many factors that might make a particular website designer the ideal match for you and your business, but where do you begin? We have some advice based on years of experience which may help you make an informed choice.

Firstly, hiring a local company can make more of a difference than you might think. It will be easier for you to find reputable companies within a small area that you’re familiar with, since you can ask similar businesses within your network who they have used. For example, if you’re a company based in Colchester, this is a suitably sized area to find a local specialist. Searching for web design in Colchester rather than scouring the entire country should connect you with someone that really understands your market.

This also means you can arrange face-to-face consultations, which iron out any misunderstandings and make communication much clearer, especially for design work. Ensuring you are on the same page is vital to end up with the best possible results for your business, so ensure your web design company has your best interests at heart and keep the lines of communication well and truly open throughout the process.

Checking reviews locally, within your network and on the internet as a whole is extremely important. Many web design companies may be hiding behind flashy websites, but remain faceless because they simply haven’t got a big enough portfolio to guarantee the right results for you. Worse still, many companies will inevitably be trying to actively rip you off. A solid bank of highly positive reviews on Google+, Facebook or a reliable platform like Trustpilot is one of the best signs to look for.

On a related note, evidence always helps to back up positive feedback. Web designers should have no problem showing you the work they have completed on past projects, and most will have a portfolio advertised on their own site. If a designer is reluctant to share their work and starts making excuses, you might take this as a warning sign. It’s mutually beneficial for websites to allow their designers to feature them as examples of their work, so if this isn’t the case, something may have gone wrong in the past.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. You should meet with multiple contenders and discuss the requirements of your site before comparing quotes, and this should help you decide who to choose. It’s not all about value for money at this early stage, because you can’t be sure how you’re going to get along with your designer and what kind of hiccups you may have to tackle along the way. It’s best to choose someone who seems likely to get on with your way of working and willing to help you overcome any issues.

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