Improve Your E-Commerce Site With Professional Product & Packshot Photography

All the content of your website is extremely important if you’re hoping to make sales. Many businesses become blinded to their own marketing when it comes to e-commerce, and struggle to see things from the perspective of a potential buyer who isn’t familiar with the brand or website.

Visuals are much more impactful, scientifically speaking, than words on a page, so it’s vital to consider your imagery. Professional 360 product photography and packshot images can massively enhance your online sales potential, if you follow these tips…

1) Lead with multiple images

Most online shopping hotspots give customers the option to view multiple pictures before buying. These may include different angles of the same item, but you can also go into much more detail, show the product in action and on display, and show off the packaging if this is a selling point. You can even include 360-degree animations of videos to really show off those crucial details.

2) Show off the best benefits

Remember that if a customer can’t see a feature, even if it’s explained in the product description, it’s a much weaker selling point. A range of photos showing the close-up details definitely builds trust, which leads to higher sales. Quality really comes across in high-quality shots, especially when the buyer is able to zoom in.

3) Display all options

If your product comes in multiple different colours and styles, you need to make sure you supple photographs of every variation. Colour and other factors can be open to interpretation, so people may be hesitant to take a risk if they’re having to guess what the product will look like when it arrives. Hesitation is the enemy when it comes to e-commerce, so spell it out clearly.

4) Make your products look great

Last but not least, it’s absolutely essential that your products look their best in these pictures. You may be familiar with how your items look in real life, but somebody browsing the internet has no idea how high quality or attractive your pieces really are. If you’re selling a luxury product that’s a cut above a lot of the alternatives online, you’ll need to make sure your product photography reflects this in every way. Lighting, editing and quality need to be perfect if your products are to be taken seriously in a competitive market.

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