E-commerce platforms


There is a variety of e-commerce platform available. However, each platform has their own advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to know your options and which platform would work best for you. To help you decide, we’ve listed some of the top e-commerce platforms below.


Shopify is currently the most used platform. They first launched their website in 2014 where they marketed a full e-commerce website platform. Their primary focus is integrating social commerce and friendly mobile website. Their mission is to help new online businesses grow further.


Shopify is currently offering an affordable monthly plan package that suits your needs. They also have integrated social commerce where you can link your Facebook shop to your current Shopify website. Furthermore, it offers a platform where you can install various themes, plugins and extensions. Customers can also take advantage of drop shipping by integrating a supplier to their website. Shopify is also known for having excellent customer service and technical support.


Although Shopify is affordable and comes with great functionality, however, some hidden fees may surprise you. For example, Shopify will charge you a transaction fee for not using their Shopify payment. Furthermore, some extensions require monthly payments.


Magento is another popular platform for e-commerce. It is currently used by larger companies including Huawei and Burger King. Their platform is more suitable for enterprise businesses who have a larger online business.


Magento comes with many benefits including unlimited customisation on your website, social media extensions, tutorials and a vast library of extensions.


The downside with Magento is that it’s not suitable for all businesses as it’s only suitable for larger enterprises. In able to manage the website, you would also need a professional programmer to run your e-commerce. It requires a lot of technical knowledge in able to set up your e-commerce with Magento.

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