What has changed in e-commerce


E-commerce has been transforming for the past years. It is continuously changing and growing as every year. Below are some factors that have made a positive impact on e-commerce. These factors have also made e-commerce easier to manage more than ever. It’s no wonder why more and more people are now taking advantage of what e-commerce can now offer in this digital age.


Many e-commerce platforms are now fully customisable. They have recently introduced a number of options that can improve user experience on your website. This includes integrating a chat system where you can interact with your website visitors. Another feature includes adding a call to action buttons.

Digital Wallets

A recent growth in digital wallets is now becoming an available payment option for many e-commerce websites. The digital wallet has recently been adopted by large companies where customers can add their funds into a digital wallet and use it as a payment option. Digital wallets also allow customers to store any coupons or loyalty cards. A digital wallet is also a quick and easy way to pay online as it only requires your email address and associated password.

Mobile friendly

E-commerce websites are now mobile friendly. There’s been a recent study that 59% of customers are browsing through their mobile and tablet devices. Having a mobile-friendly website could potentially increase your customer’s number and revenues.

Automated Analytics analytics

Behind every e-commerce websites is an analytic system that provides you with all the essential data that will help you analyse your customer’s behaviours. Analytics can even provide some useful information that can also help you narrow down your customers. Some analytics allows you to see where your customers are coming from and which part of your website they are looking at the most. The analytics is critical to any businesses running their e-commerce website.

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