A Brief Introduction to the Top Graphic Design Companies Today

Some of the best graphic design companies might be ones that you recognize. This means they are doing their jobs in advertising very well. Others may not be so recognized by name but have products that speak for themselves. Ranging from small posters to entire buildings worth of visuals, graphic design companies are responsible for most of the things you interact with each day. Here is a little about just a few of the most notable graphic design companies in the world right now.

The first of these graphic design companies is Go Media. Go Media has worked with many brands and frequently designs stunning posters and banners. Possibly most notably they have worked with Pepsi on multiple occasions and have designed commercials and banners for them in the past. In addition they have designed books, websites and several T-shirt lines.

Studio 7 is one of the most self-evident graphic design companies in that their website is so beautifully designed. Having designed for UNICEF and Cornell University, among others, their website shows a wonderfully laid out and designed portfolio. In addition the site shows off some of the many features that can be implemented on a customer’s own website. They also specialize in brand recognition and building, something that is crucial to the success of any website or business. . Studio 7 probably has one of the best pitches of any company on this list based on how only how well their very own site is set up.


Another hot design studio at the moment is a London based company called 400. 400 have worked with the likes of Dell Computers and The Economist and is one of the top graphic design companies in London. 400 works for a number of different clients including those in art, education, energy, legal matters, government and sports. 400 warns against underestimating it based on its smaller size, because compared to its competition it is a relatively small company, especially considering all the work that it has done over the years.

Next is one of the best graphic design companies on the list, with one of the most impressive resumes of them all. Working with AT&T, Juicy Fruit and PostIt, Interbrand has certainly been quite a success. It even helped design the Bing search engine from Microsoft, in particular the Bing! sound that is featured in the commercials.

Landor is another company that created one of the most famous logos in the world, the FedEx logo and its ‘hidden’ arrow. But that is not their only high profile client. Their other famous creations include Lego and the newest DC Comics logo with the ‘D’ folded over the ‘C’. Even more such illustrious examples include Old Spice, Volkswagen, Coors and Doritos. They were also hired to design many of the branding materials for the September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York City.


And then there is Electric Pulp. These are the guys who created a logo most of us see almost every day – the Google logo. They also work on the branding for Ford, Blinx and in addition they work with Comedy Central’s Daily Show and Colbert Report, hot satirical news shows that have very distinctive branding thanks in large part to Electric Pulp’s work.

When it comes to packaging design Object9 is considered by many to be one of the best companies in the world. With works including Red Stripe Bold, Smirnoff, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Wild Goose it is clear they are at least well known in the alcoholic beverage community. In addition to packaging design Object9 develops apps for Apple iOS, Android and the Blackberry Tablet OS.

These are the companies that are making waves right now; this can rapidly change of course. As Heidi Klum is so fond of saying ‘one day you’re in and the next day you are out’ and that applies as much to the business of graphic design as it does to fashion.

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