Breaking Down the Graphic Designer Job Description

Many people make the decision to become a graphic designer. This is a position that usually requires a unique blend of computer or technological skill with an artistic mind and way of thinking. But what is really in a graphic designer job description? There are a multitude of responsibilities that one must undertake in order to fulfill the role of graphic designer successfully.

First up in the graphic designer job description is the ability to really listen to the client. A graphic designer must understand what a particular client will want or need to have in order to be successful.

There is a huge variety of things one may design. This can include websites, books, packaging, posters, advertisements and much more. It may even be in a graphic designer job description to do many of these things for a single client, in order to maintain a similar look to all of their products, to help them establish their ‘brand’, something that is incredibly important in today’s business climate. For example, any Apple product has a very recognizable and similar design to it, making it have a specific “Apple feel” to it that is easily and almost instantly recognizable.


There is much demanded of a graphic designer. In addition to an obvious creative mind, a strong up-to-date level of expertise with all the latest design technology is in a graphic designer job description. This means becoming acquainted with more than a few different softwares and techniques with many different specializations. This can include web design programs, advanced image editors, illustration programs and even 3D design programs. It is best to learn in the ‘industry standard’ programs, so be sure to see what the primary program for each is. For example, in 3D design 3ds Max is the program that is most frequently used. But that doesn’t mean ignoring lesser used programs. Becoming acquainted with a variety of programs is very helpful to the aspiring graphic designer.

Often, a graphic designer will have to make decisions as to what design will most represent the product advertised. This means a deep understanding of the product and what makes it special is necessary. Sometimes a client may not know what this is and it will be up the designer to interpret it. This may also mean that a designer doesn’t necessarily know exactly what the design will be right away, and will need to take some creative liberty.


Finally, art skills are essential to a graphic designer. Sketching out rough ideas is still vital, even in the age of the Internet, especially to the early portion of a product’s development. Being able to draw freehand will likely be required for many projects. Drawing using a drawing pad and illustration software will likely be part of the graphic designer job description as well. Editing and creating images will be important as well, so a great working knowledge programs like Photoshop are essential.

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