The Benefits of Hiring a Development Team

If you work as part of a digital agency and you’re involved with the delivery of projects to clients, the chances are you cover a fairly broad range of areas and the skills of your team need to be very varied. Developing digital products can be very time consuming, complex and unpredictable, whether the product is your client’s website, a piece of software for the client’s customers to use, a mobile app or even some form of bespoke management system to help the client manage their internal business.

Due to the complexity of these large-scale digital projects, at some point you may consider weighing up the benefits of handling the project in-house, or involving an additional specialist agency. The decision to hire a development team may be one that doesn’t come easily, but can actually save a lot of effort, time and money in the long run, especially when it comes to tricky specialist areas like UX/UI design, software and hardware development and other common issues with typical digital product development projects.

Extensive research has been conducted looking into the potential areas where efficiency can be improved when it comes to complicated projects like the ones mentioned above, comparing small and large business over shorter and longer periods of time. Some of the findings are particularly interesting and may be highly relevant to businesses in this sort of position.

For example, research in the field suggests that large companies have to spend more money getting their projects off the ground in a short space of time than a small company would spend on a comparable project. This makes sense, since coordination is more costly across a larger organisation. However, this still works out to be the best plan in the majority of cases, because the financial impact of spreading a project over a longer period seems a lot more significant. This means the cost saving of finding a way to speed up the process can be vital. A great advantage of hiring a dedicated development team is that your project can be accelerated from the initial stages by people who are already experts in their field, rather than having your in-house team learning as they go and inevitably moving more slowly.

As well as speed, ultimately the cost effectiveness of your project will hinge on just that: effectiveness. The end result of the project needs to fit the original brief and be fit for purpose. Your chances of achieving this will of course be higher with the assistance of a specialised development team. Ideally your chosen partners will be experienced with project management as well as having great technical abilities, so they can ensure a suitable solution is delivered promptly and everything you or your client needed from the beginning is catered for. It’s hard to put a price on getting the right results, but you can be sure that it’s worth a bit of additional investment.

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